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1. How to update Kuteshop theme to the latest version? ( Using Cpanel)

Firstly you should backup your database and source code to ensure safety in the worst case.

Step 1: Download latest version from themeforest by follow the link: http://themeforest.net/downloads.

Step 2: Login your Cpanel, in File Manager, to the wp-content/themes, now you can see a folder kutethemes exist [3] and you need to Delete this folder.

Then Click to Upload icon [4]

The form of Upload Files will be appear as the image below, click on Choose file then select the newest file kutetheme.zip [5] then open it [6].

Wait for awhile until the file uploaded:

After that, you need to Extra this uploaded file [8]:

Waiting for the process until the pop up below appear, you can click on Close icon to complete your process:

After you update the theme, you need to update the plugin to compatible with the new version of theme especially Kute Toolkit and Visual Composer. Click here to know how to update the plugin for your site.

Beside that, you can also update theme from your Dashboard, you may see this video to know how to update theme via the Dashboard:


2. How to add the Product categories to the menu?

Firstly, you need to create the product categories: go to Dashboard=> Product=> Categories and complete all the needed information.
Secondly, navigate to Appearance > Menus. Choose the menu you want to edit then click to “Select” button. Beside that you can also create one.

You can now add and remove categories. At the leftside you will see Pages, Posts, Custom Links, Categories and Product Categories. Choose the last one. Here you will find all your categories. Now you just have to choose the categories you want to add, and press "Save Menu".
If you can't find "Product Categories" on the left side, take a look at the top (you have to scroll up as far as you can). Here you will find "Screen Options". Press that, and tick on "Products Categories" to enable it. You might have to reload the page after you have done this. Now, you can see "Product Categories" on the left side, then you can add and organize your product categories as you would any other menu item.

3. How to change the color of theme?

If you want to configure the color for your theme, you just need go to Dashboard/ Theme option/ Color: In General Tab, you can set the general Main color, Back ground color and Price color by click on the select color box and choose the color you want.

You can see the image below:

If you want to setting some color for item of Vertical menu, you can forward to Vertical Menu as this image:

In this Tab, you can set the Back ground color, Text color, Menu item hover back ground color and Text hover color suitable with your site.

We give you many choice to configure the color of all Header from Header 1 to Header 7, you can forward to the Header you want to setup then configure all the attributes for your Header:

Please remember to save your setting.

How about the color of Categories tab?
Setting the color of categories you can follow the instruction below:
In Edit page, go to the Categories tab that you want to edit, for example the “Fashion” tab as this image:

Now, you can select the main color of Category tab will be shown on your front-end.

4. How to create a post type mega menu?

You need go to Dashboard=> Mega menu=> Addnew to create a new Mega menu (such as Fashion) and you can build it as you want by using Visual composer:

You can see our demo menu:

In our demo, we used 2 short code to build the menu: Single image and WP Custom menu, you can click on the edit icon of Single image then upload the image you want to display on your Mega menu.

5. How to translate texts in the front-end by using Loco translate?

You can follow these steps:

1. You need to delete the files: .po and .mo in the folder: ..."your theme"/languages
2. Use the loco-translate plugin to translate, add new language then translate one by one.
3. After translating you need to save your process then download these files (RO & PO files) into your laptop/PCs
4. You need to upload these new .po and .mo to the folder:..."your theme"/languages

You may go to Dashboard=> Setting=> General setting, scrolling down to the Site language section, click to the arrow down on the rightside of tab to select the language you want to translated.
You can see the screenshot below:

Notice that, when you using Loco Translate to translate your site, if you update theme version your translation will disappear and you have to re-translate it.

6. How to add the left sidebar to your Shop page?

If you want to add the left sidebar to shop page like our demo site, you just following the instruction below:
1. Go to Dashboard=> Appearance=> Widget and you can drag and drop some widgets as you want to the "Widget Shop Area".
2. Go to Dashboard=> Theme Options=> Woocommerce/ Shopage and you can setting Sidebar Area on your Shop page as this image:

7. How to setup your data like our demo Kuteshop?

As you know, our theme consist of many different files especially the images file, it makes the theme’s size bigger and you have to spend more time to import theme even corrupted while you are importing.
So we reduced the size of theme by using placeholder, you can import the Sample data more quickly however after importing your site will not look like our demo because there is no image in your site, you have to upload your site’s image then configure some attribute suitable with your your online shop site.
If you want to download our theme image, you can send us your email address, we will send you that file then you can setup as you want.

8. How to configure some attribute the Vertical menu (Categories) on your site?

If you do not want the Vertical menu show on your site: you just need go to Dashboard=> Theme Option=> Header, scolling down to the Vertical menu section, you can click on the arrow down on the right site of tab [1] and select Disable, after saving your setting, the vertical menu will be disappear.

You can see the image below:

We give you another choice:

If you still want to use the Vertical menu but you do not want it always open, it only open when you click on, you may select Enable for user Vertical menu and Enable tab Collapse [2]

You can also set the number of visible Vertical menu items show on your page [3].

Do not forget saving your setting.

9. How to add your own icon for vertical items?

That's very simple, you just need go to your Vertical Menu, click on the arrowdown on the rightside of items, you will see image icon section, click to Upload Image and upload your icon.

10. How to select the Page for My Account, Check out, Service, Support on the Header?

You need go to Dashboard=> Woocommerce=> Settings=> Check out, scrolling down to the Check out page and select the Page you want to display as the Check out page:

You can also set Account Page by click on the Accounts Tab, now you may select the page display as My Account Page and you need to tick on the checkbox "Enable registration on the "My Account" page" to enable the Registration.

To select the Service and Support Page, you can go to Dashboard=> Themeoption=> General, scrolling down to the Service, Support, you may click on the arrow and choose the page for those tab.

11. When you imported our theme, there are some notifications, what does this mean?

You do not worry about those notification:

1. Its theme does not declare WooCommerce support the Store - Please read our Integration Guide or check out our temaStorefront, which is free to download and designed specifically for use with the shop :) 

Read more about Storefront Integration Guide Topics Hide this notice 

..............That meant we developed this theme and we will support for you whenever you need help.(http://support.ovicsoft.com/). 

2. Its theme (Kutetheme) contains outdated copies of some files WooCommerce template. These files may require changes to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. You can see what files are affected by "system status page". If in doubt, contact the author of the topic. 

Learn More About This Job Templates Hide

..............While we build this theme, we customized (overridden) some files WooCommerce template so that message will be appear when you installed theme. 


Your server has not enabled SOAP client class - some plugins gateway using may not work as expected. 

Suppoprt WooCommerce: [?] unreported 

kutetheme/woocommerce/cart/mini-cart.php versión1.0.0 outdated. the basic version is 2.1.0, 

kutetheme/woocommerce/content-product.php versión1.6.4 outdated. the basic version 2.4.0, 

kutetheme/woocommerce/loop/sale-flash.php versión1.0.0 outdated. the basic version is1.6.4,

............  It is the message from WooCommerce to our overridden files, we will update the version of that file soon. 

12. How to configure the Tab Product?

Tab product will be shown the product on your site according 3 criterias: Best sellers, On sales, New Products.

Best Seller: If you want to display the product here, your site has to some best selling products, that meant, if there is no best selling product, this section will be empty.
Onsale: if your products have disccount product, it will be shown on Onsale section.
New Product: when your site have the new product, it will be display on New Product section.

Setting this shortcode, you can go to your back-end, choose the shortcode Tab product and setting some attribute for this tab, You can aslo select Category that you want to display for Product Tab, if you do no select specific Category, it will be show all your products of all Category that covering 3 criterias above.

In Tab product setting, you can select the amount of product will show on page and some others attribute, you can see the image below:

13. Where you can find the shortcode in our theme?

When you build your page: Dashboard=> Page=> Add new or Edit any Page by using Visual Composer (in Back-end editor/ Add element), you can see all the default shortcode and Kutetheme shortcode:

You can also see the Shortcode setting by click on the Edit icon of the Short code you want to edit:

14. How to update the needed Plugin to your site?

Updating theme is important, but it is also important to update the plugins you use, as a bug in one of these can affect your whole installation.

You can update plugins with a one click method. To do that, go to the ‘Updates’ section of your administration panel.

If there are some plugins that can be updated, they will appear here or you can also see that in the Plugins section:

To update your plugins, Click to Begin udating plugins, after that select the Plugin[1]=>choose "Update" in the drop down list [2] then Apply [3].

Wait for awhile until all plugins installed and activated successfully:

Notice that, there are some plugins you have to deactivate and delete it then re- install them such as: Kutetheme Toolkit, Visual Composer...

15. How to change the name of Categories Tab?

If you want to change the Name of Categories tab such as: Fashion, Sport, Digital..... you can follow these step:

1. You need go to Edit page to setting this shortcode, you can see the image below:

After that you will see the page building:

2. Click on the Edit icon of Categories tab, you may see the Categories Tab setting:

3. In General section, you can fill in the Title of Tab as you want, notice that you need to select the suitable category then Save your setting and update your page.


16. How to set the product's image size on your site?

 Before you import the Sample Data of our theme, you can set up the image size of your product as you want.

We would like to tell you that, if you want to use the plugin WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos, you need to purchase this plugin, it is not included in the theme cost, you can follow the link: http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-color-or-image-variation-swatches/7444039 to buy it.

You may go to Dashboard=> Woocommerce=> Settings=> Product=> Display, scrolling down to the Product image and setting the size suitable with your site.

Remember to save your setting.

If you have already imported the Sample data and you want to configure the image size, you can follow the instruction as I mentioned above, however you need to regenerate all the image size that you imported before, you can use the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to regenerate the thumbnails for your image attachments.

17. How to activate the Visual Composer Plugin?

To activate this plugin, you need go to Dashboard=> Visual Composer=> Role Manager, click on the arrow down on the rightside of Post Types box, select Custom then tick on the item you want as the image below:

18. How to add the Topbar Menu on the Left and Right?

If you want to add the Menu on the Header like our demo:

You just need going to Appearance=> Menu=> Create a new menu, for example: Top bar menu right and choose the Location for menu as Topbar Menu Right:

You do the similar steps to create the menu on Topbar Menu Left location.

Do not forget saving your setting.

We want to tell you about the icon in Top bar Left menu, you just can add html on this menu, in our demo we use the awesome font, if you want to find more icon, you can follow the link: https://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/, click on the Icon and find the icon you want.

Lets see our Top bar Left Menu structure:


19. How to change your site to RTL?

You may go to Dashboard=> Setting=> General setting, scrolling down to the Site language section, click to the arrow down on the right side of tab to select the language of Arabic, then click to Save button to save your setting. 
You can see the screenshot below:

20. How to change Theme Option?

If you want to change the Theme Option,you just need go to Dashboard/ Page/ Add new, in back-end Editor (using Visual Composer), click on Add Template as this image:

Then you can see all the Default Template from Home style1 to Homstyle 14:

You need to click on the Home style you want to use, after select you wil got the page structure, then you need to configure all the needed attributes for your page such as the Header, Footer, Revolution slider, Choose Category display on your page.....to make your site look like our demo.

Whenever you complete your setting, you can go to Setting/ Reading tick on A static page and choose the page you have just built display as your Front page.






*** Notice: If you need any help, please submit a ticket on our support system: http://support.ovicsoft.com/forum.












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