How to use plugin ovic import demo?

Install plugin ovic import demo

Go to menu plugins -> add new -> type search “ovic"

and install plugin name “Ovic Importer".

Overview tab import by xml

  1. Update all guild image link ( if guild link do not same with url current host ).
  2. Create folder and all file necessary for plugin import to curent theme, folder name “importer".
  3. Name option you want export.
  4. Check if you want export to file zip for download ( do not create folder import to theme ).
  5. Check if you want import with image ( download image so will be slow process import ).
  6. Button import by xml file.

Overview tab import by database

  1. Button import.
  2. Button export only file zip sql current theme.
  3. Name file zip export.

How to create import demo to your theme.

Note: old theme need a online.

  1.  Type name option you want export ( theme option ).
  2. Click button “Create export data" and Wait a few seconds when page reload. done!
  3. check your theme exits folder “importer" is success.

Import demo by xml file ( default and slow )

  1. Install your theme in new site.
  2. Require: active all plugin you need.
  3. Very simple click button install and accept ( enjoy cafe ).
  4. – check “Download and import file attachments" if you want download image to new site.

Import by database ( fast )

  1. install and active theme and plugin “ovic import demo".
  2. do not need active require plugin.
  3. in tab “Import Database" click button install.
  4. check accept
  5. select option you want import to new site, please read description before install.
  6. click cotinue and enjoy.

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