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ernestcwc asked 6 months ago

When I look at the product, I see the thumbnails below, when I click on the thumbnails, the image on the top matches an enlarged picture of the thumbnail. but the price doe not change. please look here for an example.
Click on the thumbnails below the main image to see what I’m saying…ty

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ngocthang.ict answered 6 months ago

Hi @ernestcwc,
Could you please provide me your admin + FTP account?
I would like to check in your site then will give you the correct answer
Waiting for your reply …

ngocthang.ict answered 6 months ago

– Mega menu: Just because you still do not turn on edit page with WPBakery Page Builder mode. I’ve enabled for you and now you can go to menu to edit the images
– The thumbnails: As I understand from your explain, you mean that the price would change following each thumbnail image when you click on? If that, it is impossible. Just because it is the thumbnail image you have to upload for single product. And the price will be set for all (You just have only one product, and this product has some of different images). So if you want to change the price for each, you should use Variation product. There you can set up the own image and price

ernestcwc answered 6 months ago

Thank you,all is good now 🙂

ngocthang.ict answered 6 months ago

You’re welcome. So I will close this ticket if your issues were solved.
For any questions, pls submit a new one + provide me accounts.
Best regards,