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jhnharold asked 6 months ago

The wishlist button at the header is not working. When i try to click from the homepage header it just return me to homepage. But if am on the other page,it brings me to the product that i added on my wishlist. Not directly to my wishlist page.

Kazimvu Staff replied 6 months ago

The cause maybe something’s wrong. Please connect to support system, they will check and help you

3 Answers
Kazimvu Staff answered 6 months ago

Where did you purchase this theme? You can submit your questions there. Kutethemes will support for you.

jhnharold answered 6 months ago

Im not the one who made the purchase. The person how bought it is not quite. He thinks it’s themeforest site.How can i contact your support system?

Kazimvu Staff answered 6 months ago

You can submit your questions here: if you purchase from