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CarlosArango2019 asked 4 weeks ago

Recently I bougth London Star theme to update old london theme (2013).
There is way to retain old styles and configuration to the new London Stars theme?
Thanks for your support.

7 Answers
Khanh Hoang Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Thanks you CarlosArango2019, you only have rebuild content page and theme options, please provide account admin and ftp we will support setting for you, and keep your config.
Best Regards.

Khanh Hoang Staff answered 4 weeks ago

i’m don’t know why, when i’m enter url, site always redirection to home page?

CarlosArango2019 answered 2 weeks ago

Hi,. Have you any answer for this issue. Has 2 weeks sinde I create it

Khanh Hoang Staff answered 2 weeks ago

I am very sorry that we are on a long holiday (Lunar New Year), you can provide an admin account for us to support.
Thank you.

CarlosArango2019 answered 1 week ago

There is no answer for you to this ticket.
Can you help with this?

Khanh Hoang Staff answered 7 days ago

I don’t know why you changed your account, I never logged in @@