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rubarez asked 4 weeks ago

I cant see the paginator when i used the ovic product. i see 30 products but not paginator


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yame Staff answered 3 weeks ago


You should provide me your admin account. And take the screenshot for your question then I will check for you

Awaiting your reply …

rubarez answered 3 weeks ago

I want put the google captcha under the forms. The view demo template got it.
See the img

rubarez answered 3 weeks ago

Soyy the last post not is in there place

rubarez answered 3 weeks ago

In the configurator ovic plugin product. I have 40 per page.
The store got 400 new products.

And when items shows on page… The paginator not show

At this moment i cant send u the admin account.

But all it´s correctly configured

yame Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hey my friend, if you cannot provide me your admin account at this moment, will you do it when you can?
Because if I cannot reach into your site, I am not able to check for you

And hope that everything is fine now.

yame Staff answered 3 weeks ago

I see the pagination now:

Have you took a look it yet?

yame Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Ahh. The pagination is just working for the default pages, like Shop page or Category page.

The Novedades page was created by you, then you add shortcode Products to build. So of course the pagination will not work for this kind of page.

Hope you understand!