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Rajesh asked 6 months ago

I am planning to buy theme. But before that I want to know that which payment gateway it will support from your wordpress admin module?
Please revert soon.
Thanking You,

3 Answers
ngocthang.ict answered 6 months ago

Hi mate,
It seems that you are mentioning to a plugin of Woo. Could you please give me the detail plugin then I will ask coder to check.
Then I will give you the correct answer

spicktech answered 6 months ago

Hello Tony,
I am not asking about plugin of woo. I just wan’t to know that if I want to integrate ccavenue payment gateway or payu money payment gateway than it is possible in or not.
Please revert soon.

ngocthang.ict answered 6 months ago

I also asked my coder about this.
He feed-backed that it is impossible for all plugins to conflict with the theme. If you add the third-party plugin, in case the error comes from the theme, we will support all the things related to the theme. Otherwise, you have to contact to the author of that plugin to get the support.
Hope you understand for this