QuestionsCategory: TechnicalSet default Theme options in boutique?
Sara asked 3 weeks ago

Hi. I customized my theme options in Boutique Theme following documentation

But when I create a new page, I have to set again all options at the bottom of the page (logo, colors, header, footer, menu etc etc). Why? Is there a way to set default options so when I create a new page it has all my settings?
And if I change my mind, and I want a different header or footer, is there a way to change options only one time and update all pages automatically?

Thanks for answers.

1 Answers
yame Staff answered 3 weeks ago


If you want that all settings in Theme Options will be applied when you create a new page, so you have to disable the Meta Box mode:
And don’t need to use the Custom Theme Options:

If you need any helps, please take the screenshots then I will check for you