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mikkel ladefoged asked 4 months ago


I started have issues with my navbars, both the vertical and the normal onces.
the issue is it cant open when u mouse4 over or click it, it looks like the js is broken for it.

i was trying to figure what happened since it just out of sudden stopped working, and i can locate the issue to the plugin for smarket called:
Smartket toolkit. when i activate that plugin my navbar dont work but when i deactivate it works perfectly again

2 Answers
Kazimvu Staff answered 4 months ago

I think that the cause maybe by your plugins, they are conflicted together. Could you please provide your wp-admin + ftp ỏ Cpanel accounts via my email: ? I would like to check directly your site and help you

Kazimvu Staff answered 4 months ago

I think that you should submit your ticket here:, my supporter will check and help you asap