QuestionsCategory: GeneralStick the navigation on the mobile layout, how can I do?
Lam le asked 1 month ago

Hi Support,
I want to stick the main navigation for the mobile layout, how can I do that?
Thank you,
Lam Le

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ngocthang.ict answered 1 month ago

Hi @Lam Le,
Thanks for contacting to support forum.
As I can understand your question, you mean that you want the main menu on mobile to display like in desktop, don’t you?
Pls make it clear by screenshot then provide your admin + FTP, I will check then help you

lamvina answered 1 month ago

Hi Ngoc Thang,
Thank you for your reply.
I want the header is stick as the picture.
Because of this site has developed base on .NET Core, so there is no HTML file in the publishing site.
Please help to wrap up on the sample: and let me know how to modify them.
Thank you,
Lam Le

ngocthang.ict answered 1 month ago

Hmm. Firstly, please provide me your admin + FTP account. I would like to check your site
Secondly, please take the screenshots to describe for your issues clearly. There you can tell me your intention to avoiding from misunderstanding each other. Then I will give you the way to handle all

lamvina answered 1 month ago

I uploaded 2 screenshots a few days ago, but I don’t understand why you did not get them. Please get them at here:



ngocthang.ict answered 4 weeks ago

So sorry for delay support.
As from your accounts,
–  FTP is not correct
– Back end admin: I don’t know how to check your site after logging in
– Attachments: I see nothing &            
Pls check again these then provide me

ngocthang.ict answered 3 weeks ago

Still there, I also changed as your suggestion but I could not access to
If I cannot view your home page, and I cannot access to back end of your site, so I will not able to check the issue you provided in attachments. So, how can you go to back end/ your front end, pls guide me