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svmartinuk asked 6 months ago

We have some questions:
1. The language of the site is Finnish, however, some pages are displayed in English, mainly due to  Woocommerce. For example:

2. Can we make a separate entry for registered customers and follow the link to register a new customer?
3. Is it possible to add new fields to the registration form?
4. Where we can remove in the product card “Print” and “Send to a friend”?
5. Where we can remove in the top menu “wheel (Add a menu)” ?

2. Is it possible to make two separate categories of goods separately – one can be bought through the basket, and the other can only be ordered, but not bought?

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ngocthang.ict answered 6 months ago

Hi @svmartinuk,
Could you please provide me also your admin + FTP for your site? I would like to check your site then give you the correct answer
And, pls provide me your attachments for each issue, the I will check faster
Waiting for your reply …

svmartinuk answered 6 months ago

I can write access admin and ftp right here?

ngocthang.ict answered 6 months ago

Of course, mate. You can write here then select Only me & Admin, then we will help you to check
Don’t forget to add the screenshots