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Marius asked 6 months ago


I have a few questions about the Turan Theme.

1. is the theme still being updated?
2. are you switching to Elementor?
3. I have a challenge with Turan Elements and products. Under Product Options, I can select a product category. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show me the subcategories. E.g. Main Product -> Category B – How can I solve this?
4. How can I add the price in a product including shipping and VAT over the Add to cart Button? Currently the price can be found under the product name in the product description.

Thank you for the answers.

3 Answers
Khanh Hoang Staff answered 6 months ago

We are currently on holiday (lunar new year) until 11/02/2019, if not too urgent, please forgive us for this inconvenience.
Thank you.

Marius answered 6 months ago

Points 3 and 4 are very important, otherwise we cannot go online with the shop.

Khanh Hoang Staff answered 5 months ago

1. This theme is still update
2. you can use Elementor for build page but we don’t support shortcode for Elementor.
3. we will update in next version very soon.
4. please provide picture where you want custom we will set a action for you custom in child theme.
Thank you.