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Paul asked 4 months ago

I have a home page that show my products by the wpBakery elements named: “Fameshop: products”
The users whit “Administrator” and “Editor” roles can edit and update this page but, the users whit “Shop Manager” role, can not do it.
Note 1: Shop Manager user do not see the elements by wpBakery in the editor but only the shortcodes and, if it try to update the page, all the elements parameters are erased. (and the home page no longer shows any products)
Note 2: in wpBakery setup > “Role Manager”, the Administrator, the Editor and the Shop Manager roles have the same privilegies

I know, my support licence is expired but I wonder:
Is it normal or is this a Bug?

fameshop 1.1.2
wordpress 5.0.4

1 Answers
Kazimvu Staff answered 4 months ago

In your case, please submit your ticket here: , my supporter will help you