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youhost asked 5 months ago

thanks for your time.
When I am logged in as Shop Manager role, if I insert in the field: “Description” of product the character: (‘) [apostrophes] it is showed to visitors as: (\’). A backslah is added.
It is added in both: frontend and backend.
Note: In the field “Short Decription” does not happen.

When I am logged in as Administrator role, doing the same process, the backslah is not added and everything works fine.
If then, with the Shop Manager role, I make a change and save a product created by the administrator that contains the character (‘), also in this case the backslah is added.

Note 2:
Disabling the WPBakery Visual Composer 6.4.1 (js_composer) plug-in the nasty backslashes are not added.

There continues to be a warning: “Notice: Undefined index: params in … / public_html / wp-content / plugins / js_composer / include / classes / core / class-wpb-map.php on line 612”
This warning appears only on the “edit page” of the single product.

There is a solution?

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I was hoping that my problem would be solved with subsequent updates but unfortunately it did not happen.
Can you help me solve it?
Do I just need to renew the support license ($ 67.38)?


even when a shop manager user enters a simple link (i.e.:, it is saved like this instead:
The same contents, inserted in the short description field, do not give any problem
The same contents, inserted by an administrator, do not give any problems in any fields

OK, Thanks.I have solved by myself.